Founded in 1966 as a college of the renowned State University of New York, Genesee Community College is a highly esteemed institution offering exceptional academic programs, state-of-the-art technology and a multitude of distance
education programs.

Although the main campus sprawls across 240 acres of rich countryside, Genesee is a relatively small community college. Regardless of its modest size, Genesee has had a constant influx of out-of-state students. In 2001, the Genesee Community College Foundation acquired a nearby apartment complex to address housing needs. Appropriately known as “College Village,” the complex became a new home to 300 students.

College Village was expanded in 2007. This resulted in two brand-new, 10,500-square-foot residential buildings featuring four-person suites equipped with kitchenettes, private bedrooms, two baths and charming indoor/outdoor courtyards. 

In addition, there was a total redesign of the first floor of an existing building, as well as construction of a new Village Hall.

All the buildings, old and new, provide wireless Internet access and cable television. Plus, students can make free phone calls across the U.S. thanks to an Internet-based phone system installed throughout
the campus.

Monroe Title Insurance Corporation, a Stewart company, had the pleasure of underwriting this extensive project, while the Batavia, New York Office managed the transaction and issued the policy. 


Genesse Community College Foundation Housing Services, Inc. 


Genesse Community College Foundation Housing Services, Inc. 


Clark Patterson Associates 


Building Innovation Group


Five Star Bank & The United States of America acting through the U.S. Department of Argriculture, Rural Housing Service

Title Insurance:

Monroe Title Insurance Corporation, a Stewart company (Batavia, New York Office)