Originally created as the headquarters for the Westland Oil Corporation, which included a 38,000-square-foot nuclear fallout shelter, Montgomery Westland is now a massive 50-acre disaster-recovery and business-continuity campus, complete with an underground data center. This extremely durable bunker enclosure is made of 24-inch-thick, steel-reinforced concrete. The top portion is about 10 feet below the surface, while the bottom is approximately 35 feet below.

Just 40 miles north of Houston, but 60 miles north of the coast, the campus is strategically situated to be convenient to the greater Houston metropolitan area, while being outside coastal wind zones. Property elevation is about 340 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest sites within miles.

The campus includes a 90,000-square-foot office building, providing full electrical and mechanical systems backup for business continuity. This four-story structure consists of cast-in-place concrete with bullet-resistant glass on the main level.

Having been upgraded to meet Tier-III requirements, Montgomery Westland is designed to remain active during all maintenance and repair activities, including loss of utility power. In addition, the center was recently tested by Hurricane Ike and functioned on backup generation for five days until utility power was restored with no downtime.

Ownership financing was closed through the committed professionals at Stewart Title Company – North Texas Division


Cross Development/
Montgomery, LP


Today Realty
Advisors, Inc. and
CDB Holdings, LP


Charles Reibenstein, RAA, LLC Architecture


Walker Engineering



Title Insurance:

Stewart Title Company – North Texas Division