Adams Wind Generations, LLC, is located on approximately 850 acres, one mile southwest of Cosmos, Minnesota; Danielson Wind Farms, LLC, is located on approximately 1,000 acres, nine miles north of Cosmos.

Each farm includes 12 turbines for a total of 19.8 megawatts in capacity per farm; each turbine weighs approximately 85 tons, reaching a total height of 404 feet. In fact, the turbines are strong enough to power 10,000 to 12,000 homes. The steel towers are 262 feet, while the blades of fiberglass are each 134.5 feet long. Total weight, including the foundation of each turbine, reaches 3,000,000 pounds.

Adams Wind Generations, LLC, and Danielson Wind Farms, LLC, were formed by local farmers, neighbors and friends who understand the positive impact a collection of windmills can have on a community. These projects help support the local economy through lease payments to landowners, tax payments benefiting the county and townships, and new full-time jobs to provide ongoing maintenance.

Although both wind farms produce enough clean, renewable energy to provide every house in Meeker County with electricity, the majority of the land continues to be used for farming. 


Adams Wind Generations, LLC – Leasehold 


Wind Developer: Juhl Wind, Inc. 


Construction Team: Carstensen Contracting & Ryan Companies 

Title Insurance:

Pipestone Abstract and Title Company

Gavin T. Winter,
Office Manager

Stewart Title Guaranty Company – Minnesota

Photo of Adams Wind Generations, LLC assembling a wind mill