Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area is a breathtaking 60-acre parcel of land home to an abundance of diverse wildlife. On any given day, waterfowl, cranes, eagles, belugas, salmon and more can be seen in the area. Just 15 minutes from downtown Anchorage, Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area features a well-established coastal forest with cottonwood and aspen stands as well as mixed birch/spruce forests.

Currently in the master-planning process, the estuary will soon be a place where visitors can enjoy all the beauty and wildlife the area has to offer. Great Land Trust, the Municipality of Anchorage and the Anchorage Park

Foundation are all working together to help this exciting project come to fruition.

The area is being designed to appeal to visitors by including hiking trails, a parking area and coastal overlook. A conservation easement is in place to ensure the natural habitat in Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area will always be conserved.

From students and educational groups, to wildlife enthusiasts, Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area is a great escape for anyone searching for a serene coastal experience.


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