Photo of Lower Snake River Wind Facility wind mills

Owned by Puget Sound Energy®, Washington’s oldest local energy utility, the Lower Snake River Wind Facility is the state’s largest wind power operation. This approximately 21,600-acre facility began sending clean, renewable power to homes and businesses across the region in February 2012.

The facility’s 149 wind turbines are set among the windblown farmland of Western Garfield County in southeastern Washington. These turbines are spread across six ridge-top “strings” and produce enough electricity, on average, to power about 100,000 homes.

Photo of Lower Snake River Wind Facility assembling wind mills

Construction on this impressive project began in May 2010 and involved as many as 250 workers on the project site on any given day. Their work included laying underground electric and fiber-optic communications cable between turbines, erecting the massive turbine towers, and building the wind farm’s substations and high-voltage transmission lines. Also, a considerable amount of time and money was spent restoring lands disturbed by the construction activity.

The Lower Snake River Wind Facility’s wind turbines, access roads and substations have a footprint of just 200 acres. Nearly the entire site is privately owned agricultural land that remains available for farming, raising livestock and open space. 

Photo of Lower Snake River Wind Facility wind mills


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