The delightful city of Provo, with the beautiful Wasatch Mountains as its backdrop, is home to the historic Startup Candy Company (makers of the very first American candy bar with a filling), Brigham Young University, and in the fall of 2015, Startup Crossing. 

Providing deeply needed, mixed income housing options to a rapidly growing community, the Startup Crossing project looks to catalyze renewal in one of Provo’s most underutilized areas.

Startup Crossing will be a multi-phase, transit-oriented redevelopment located at the heart of Provo’s warehouse district. Sitting on approximately 1.5 acres, it is the first large-scale construction project in decades for an area defined more by abandoned and thinly used stockyards than the vital industrial center it was in years past. 

In its first phase, the approximately $13 million project will consist of 100 residential spaces. Also, a conference room, fully equipped gym, bicycle storage, kids’ playroom, clubhouse and gardening plots are among the many amenities at Startup Crossing.


Startup Crossing, LLC


GIV Group


Architecture Belgique


Pentalon Construction


Goldman Sachs/Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund

Title Insurance:

Inwest Title Services, LLC; Scott Cope, President; James Walton, Manager; Todd Stanger, Manager; Stewart Title Guaranty Company; Nancy Frandsen, Vice President, Agency Services Manager