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LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center is an all-inclusive sports vacation getaway catering to youth sports enthusiasts, college recruiters, scouts as well as parents eager to combine children’s athletic activities with family vacation time. From figuring out how to transport youth back and forth to games, to locating a good place to eat afterwards, LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center has it covered. This approximately 1,300-acre project, 30 minutes north of Atlanta, considers coaches’ and parents’ needs down to the finest detail. 

More than 36 sports venues will eventually be featured at the facility, including baseball, beach volleyball, soccer and lacrosse.

With the ability to host multiple athletic events and tournaments, along with its sheer size, the mixed-use development, when fully built out, is anticipated to become the biggest travel sports destination around the globe. 

In addition to cutting-edge sports venues, LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center will feature an array of amenities, including waterparks, zip-lines, an approximately 300,000-square-foot indoor sports pavilion, bowling, hotels, restaurants, retail, mountain bike trails and a movie theater, to name a few.

An estimated 20,000 jobs are expected to be created by completion in 2020.