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Our webinars are made available to help real estate professionals acquire continuing education that properly aligns with the ever-changing demands of our industry. An array of real estate related topics on demand 24/7.

If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please contact your Agency Services Manager, Rachel Chapman.

Please feel free to take these current courses as often as you like, but be aware they only count one time for CLE credit. These courses are available CLE credit for up to two years from the date the courses were approved. Expiration dates for CLE credits are provided with each presentation.

WARNING: When you submit the required passwords in the exact order provided during the course of the podcast, you are certifying to us and to the Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance (GOCI) that you have listened to the recorded webinar in its entirety. If you have not listened to the complete podcast and the GOCI determines that you obtained the passwords from another source, you risk forfeiture of your escrow officer license.

Title 101 Seminar: 2023

CLE = 4 Hours

  • What is Title? By: Bruce Ferguson (30 min)
  • Basics of Title Insurance By: Brian Pierce (30 min)
  • Types of Ownership and Estates in Land By: Bruce Ferguson (1 hr)
  • How Title is Vested and Deeds By: Brian Pierce (1 hr)
  • Commitments and Policies Bruce Ferguson (1 hr)

CLE = 4 Hours

  • Surveys Featured Speaker: Jeff McClung (2 hrs)
  • Legal Descriptions Plotting Legal Descriptions By: Bruce Ferguson and Brian Pierce (1 hr)
  • Title Search & Examination Featured Speaker: Jeff Edrington (30 min)
  • Recording Act By: Bruce Ferguson and Brian Pierce (30 min)

CLE = 5.5 Hours

  • Residential Real Estate Closings By: Bruce Ferguson (45 min)
  • Commercial Real Estate Closings By: Brian Pierce (45 min)
  • Endorsements By: Bruce Ferguson (1 hr)
  • Power of Attorney By: Brian Pierce (1 hr)
  • Properties Held in Trusts and Estates Featured Speaker: Brian Douglas (1 hr)
  • Business Entities Featured Speaker: Clyde Mize (1 hr)

CLE = 3 Hours

  • Claims Awareness and Avoidance
    By: Mark V. Borst, Stewart Title Guaranty Company Sr. VP and Chief Claims Counsel (1 hr)
  • Escrow Accounting, Reconciliations and Audits
    By: Merideth Thompson, Stewart - Agency Services (1 hr)
  • The State of Wire Fraud
    By: Matt Kilmartin, CretifID - VP Sales (1 hr)

Other Learning Seminars

CLE = 1 Hour

By: Bruce Ferguson and Brian Pierce