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Continuing Education FAQs

What is the CE credit request process?

  1. Provide name and email into the registration form before you watch the webinar via WebEx.
  2. After you complete the webinar you will be redirected to the Credit Request form.
  3. Download, fill and sign form. Send completed form to Mitzi Combs ( You’ll be notified your credit was submitted within the 10 business days allotted.

What does OID require to be eligible for CE Credit?

The participant must individually register for each webinar, listen to the entirety of the webinar and provide the 4 passwords given throughout the webinar.

When accessing recorded webinars from the TIPS website, will I still receive credit if the audio cuts off before I am able to hear all the passwords?

To receive credit, all 4 passwords are required in the order given.

When can I expect to receive my CE Credit confirmation?

Within 10 business days.

Where can I access my Continuing Education Transcript?

A licensee may view/print their CE transcript online. CE providers have 10 business days to submit course completions to your Oklahoma CE transcript. Contact the CE provider if you have questions or concerns about a course completion. The OID does not accept CE certificates as proof that a licensee has completed a course. We recommend that a licensee complete their CE requirements 30 days prior to their renewal date.

I submitted my CE Request which included all 4 passwords in the correct order, why did I get a notice indicating I am not able to receive CE credit?

Contact to verify the completed documentation was completed.

How many credits are required at the time of renewal?

Resident Producers (excluding Title producers) are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education. The 24 hours should consist of 3 hours of ethics, 2 hours of legislative update and 19 hours of producer general.

Am I allowed to carryover extra hours to the next License renewal period?

Six (6) credit hours in excess of the minimum twenty-four month period requirement shall carry forward to the next twenty-four month period as general hours.

What if I am licensed with multiple Title Agents?

The CE Credit is linked with your NPN#.

How many times may I take each webinar for credit?

Licensees cannot repeat a course within a 24-month period. A Licensee will need to review their CE Transcript online to ensure that a course is not repeated (refer to the course number for verification.)

When do I need to renew my Provider License?

The transcript must show CE COMPLIANT, at least 3 business days before the licensee will be allowed to process their renewal application online.

Best Practice: CE should be completed at least 30 days prior to the license expiration date to allow ample time for the CE provider to report the credit. This will also allow time for the licensee to process their renewal prior to expiration.

Who should I contact with licensing requirements and continuing education questions?