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REiSource (Data Mining)

REiSource® is a product of CoreLogic, a California-based company that specializes in consumer data and business services. Stewart Title of Austin, LLC, is providing this link as a convenience. You will work directly with the support team at REiSource when you sign up for this service.

REiSource is a data-mining tool that helps you narrowly focus your call lists and business contacts. Identify your most viable prospects based on sophisticated search options, including:

  • Existing mortgage information (details on loan types, interest rates, reset dates for ARMs, etc.)
  • Property details (location, years of ownership, equity, investment property, etc.)
  • Demographic information (household income, interests/hobbies, marital/family status, age, occupation, etc.)
  • Investor tools (foreclosure lists, commercial properties, owners of investment property, etc. Please check back soon.