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Closing Information Part 1

Closing on a home can be exciting time. For many buyers and sellers it can also be a time of confusion, primarily because many people are not familiar with the closing process. The better this process and responsibilities of the various providers of services are understood, the more likely we are to relax and benefit from the transaction. Numerous entities will participate in and provide services to the purchasers; however, the real estate agent, the mortgage lender and the title company are the primary participants in the closing of your home.

Most buyers and sellers utilize the services of a state licensed real estate agent to aid them in identifying a home, negotiating the earnest money contract, selecting a lender and the title company, and generally acting as a consultant through-out the closing and beyond. The initial contact with a real estate agent is often to answer the question: “Can I afford to buy a house?” Or “What kind of house can I find in this price range?” The real estate agent deals in the real estate market everyday and can assist you in making an informed decision on your purchase.