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Indianapolis, IN

Short Sales Service

With short sales, time is of the essence. We have the ability and the experience to keep track of all the necessary details required for a short sale transaction while keeping it moving. 

We can help you create a successful transaction.

At Stewart, we have four primary means of assisting you in your short sale transaction, all designed to help you meet the tight timing inherent to these deals.

Preliminary title search

Many title companies will not perform this task. At Stewart we think you shouldn't go into a short sale without one.

Preliminary documents

Accurate preliminary searches and statements can provide the information lenders need to make their decisions. You can depend on Stewart Title to provide these quickly.


Using the SureClose® transaction management system can help your process move faster, more smoothly and more easily by enabling you to update information instantly and provide a thoroughly documented file. Forms already available through the software are what lenders will require, and the technology will take REALTORS® through the process step-by-step to help ensure everything is done in a timely manner and the short sale opportunity is not missed. This can also be a big selling point with the lender when trying to get them on board for a short sale.

Proration of taxes

Obtain accurate net sheet and preliminary closing statements.