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4 to 8

The searches that lay the foundation for you

In the new-home construction industry, you're always against the clock. And it's no secret that the faster your title searches are completed, the faster you'll be able to move your projects forward. Stewart Title of the Midwest wants to put time on your side. 

4 to 8

Give your business the 4 to 8 turnaround advantage. At Stewart Title of the Midwest, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of reports for our customers within four to eight business hours of when you submit a request.

How it works

Innovative tools and technology are the foundation of our streamlined title searches and report generation. By consolidating a multitude of search sources into one resource, we've created the ultimate tool to search courthouse records, the Patriot Act database, official registers, public and private data, as well as daily news and Internet sources all in a matter of seconds. You simply log on to, click on "place an order" and four to eight business hours later you'll have the completed report in your hands.

What's in it for you?

An accelerated turnaround on your real estate-related reports gives your business a head start in the race to get homes completed, on the market and sold. Stewart Title of the Midwest offers developers, builders and construction lenders the most current, accurate property information, providing the data you need fast, up-to-date and in real time. Working with us saves you valuable time that is better spent exploring new opportunities and growing revenue. Contact us today to take your first step toward the 4 to 8 advantage. We look forward to working with you.