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Linked Commitments

Keep your transactions moving with electronic title commitments

First in the market by Stewart, with Stewart’s Linked Commitment, electronic title commitment, digging through a mound of title commitment support paperwork to review exception documentation is a thing of the past. This electronic title commitment file is provided to Stewart Title customers as a PDF that contains hyperlinks to images of all supporting documents.

Linked Commitment simplifies your process and saves you time by placing the exception documents in the title commitment itself. No login is required. We simply email the document with everything contained in the one PDF. Images of the supporting documentation are accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks contained within the file.

In addition to being easy to use and saving you a lot of time, Linked Commitment provides you with many other benefits:

  • Increased peace of mind – The embedded support documents provide further security and confidence that the commitment is accurate and reliable
  • Improved efficiency – Images of supporting documents are accessed with a simple mouse click and make it easier to ensure all necessary information has been obtained to keep your transactions moving smoothly to closing
  • Reduced carbon footprint – Each of your transactions will have a reduced impact on the environment through reduction of paper usage
  • Added competitive differentiation – By making review of documentation easier for your customers you can build positive word of mouth for your business