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Stewart Briefs

The home buying/selling process can be daunting. All of these pieces are meant to provide general information to help explain the various aspects of real estate and title insurance in a way that is easy for your customers to understand.

Advantages of Home Ownership
This flyer provides general benefits of home ownership for those considering the purchase of a house.Next Steps After Buying/Selling a Home.

Next Steps After Buying/Selling a Home
This flyer details the steps that occur after finding the right house.

Owning a Home Versus Renting
This flyer provides general insight on the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home versus renting.

What is Title Insurance?
This piece provides home buyer and sellers simple answers about the exact nature of title insurance.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?
This flyer provides a little more depth to the discussion of what title insurance is and why homeowners need it.

What Does Title Insurance Protect You From? A Lot.
This two-page flyer gives and at-a-glance description of why title insurance is so important. This piece is also a great supplement to the “Why Do You Need Title Insurance?” flyer. Use in conjunction with that piece or as a stand alone.

Sold! - What happens Next
This flyer details the steps that occur after a contract is accepted.