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Lender Endorsement Information

What Endorsements are Required or Should Be Considered?

Form 100 (Lender Coverage):

Comprehensive coverage for the lender insuring against violation of covenants, encroachments of the main dwelling and association liens affecting priority of the loan. 

Form 100.30 (Lender Coverage):

Coverage insuring against damage to existing improvements resulting from the exercise of the right to remove minerals from the surface.

Form 115.1 or 4.1 (Lender Coverage):

Coverage insuring the creation of the condominium estate is in accordance with the laws. That the covenants, conditions and restrictions are not violated, that a homeowner's assessment lien is subordinate to the lender's Deed of Trust, and also protection against common area encroachment.

Form 8.1 (Lender Coverage):

Coverage insuring that no environmental lien has been filed either in the Clerk and Recorder's records or filed in the U.S. District Court.

Form 103.1 (Lender Coverage):

Coverage insuring against loss or damage as the result of use or maintenance of the easement.

Form 115.2 or 5.1 (Lender Coverage):

Coverage insuring against loss or damage due to violation of restrictive covenants, forfeiture or reversion provisions of restrictive covenants, assessments gaining priority over and insured mortgage, compelled removal of improvements due to encroachments.

Form 130 (Owner Extended Coverage):


  • Mechanical lien protection
  • Survey protection
  • Covenant and restriction protection

There are certain requirements that must be complied with before Form 130 can be given on owner's policy.