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Stewart Briefs

The home-buying and selling process can be daunting. All of these pieces are meant to provide general information to help explain the various aspects of real estate and title insurance in a way that is easy for your customers to understand.

What Is Title Insurance?
This piece provides homebuyers and sellers simple answers about the exact nature of title insurance.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?
This flyer provides a little more depth to the discussion of what title insurance is and why homeowners need it.

What Does Title Insurance Protect You From? A Lot.
This two-page flyer gives an at-a-glance description of why title insurance is so important. This piece is also a great supplement to the “Why Do You Need Title Insurance?” flyer. Use in conjunction with that piece or as a stand-alone.

Ways to Hold Title - English (Spanish - Mandarin)
This flyer lays out the many ways two or more people can hold title.

Why Do Lenders Require Title Insurance When Refinancing Your Home Loan?
This flyer provides answers to several common questions regarding title insurance for refinancing home loans.

Who Pays for What?
This flyer lays out which party to the transaction is responsible for various fees and charges in each California county.

Why Statements of Information Are Important
This flyer helps explain the purpose of statements of information and why they are so important.

Understanding the Basics of Preliminary Reports
This flyer helps explain what an interim binder is, what it allows you to do, who it is intended for and who it can save the purchaser of real property money.

California Preliminary Report Booklet
This booklet helps explain the anatomy of a preliminary report and provides details for the various sections.

11 Resolutions of Problem Files
This flyer helps you resolve the 11 most common problems with transaction files.

Receipt and Disbursement of Transaction Funds
This flyer helps you understand more thoroughly the receipt and disbursement of transaction funds and how they can affect your transactions so that you are more cautious and strict with them.

Preparing a Title Policy
This flyer provides a high level overview of exactly what goes into preparing each title policy.

Land Facts
This flyer helps customers understand land measurements and equivalents.

Escrow Impound Schedule
This flyer helps you understand the escrow impound process and schedule.

Life of an Escrow
This flyer helps customers understand every step of the escrow process from contract to closing.

ALTA® Homeowners Comparison Chart
This flyer details the differences in coverage between the two levels of coverage offered by Stewart Title.