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GET SMART Classes & Workshops Offered


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Mock Closings (1 hr.)

Ideal Audience: New Licensees

This class mimics the closing process so Real Estate Agents will be aware of the process before their first closing. 

Title Commitments (1 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

Learn how to read your client’s Title Commitment so that closings are not delayed and you’re never caught off guard with unexpected vendor liens, divorce decrees, deaths/wills or heirship affidavits, federal tax liens and the list goes on. 

#HashingItWithStewartTitle (1.5 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

This class was created to introduce Realtors® to Hashtags and how they can be used in marketing and advertising campaigns to increase social media engagement.

Time Management for Realtors (1/2 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

If you struggle with priorities or wonder why your business is just not going the way your thought it would this class will help you focus and get busy.

The Power of Staging the Missing Link (2 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

NOTE: This class can be done classroom style or can be done at a listing with a guided hands-on staging activity

For years REALTORS® have been educated to believe that it’s impossible to sell houses for TOP DOLLAR in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME with as LITTLE IMPACT to a seller’s daily life as possible. We’ve been taught to focus on ONE motivation not all 3 simultaneously. What if I told you the “MISSING LINK” has been found in the “POWER OF STAGING” Learn how to effectively communicate and influence your sellers to believe in the POWER OF STAGING.

  • Class Setting: Agent’s Listing (List of Conditions for House Selection)
  • House Must be Homeowner Occupied (Not Vacant)
  • In need of help in some way (overcrowded w/ furniture & belongings, odd furniture arrangement.)
  • Ideally not on the Market, but Listing Agreement has been signed.
  • Preliminary Interior Photos Emailed to BDO.
  • Any Price Point

Seller is willing to sign a Waiver and will allow participants to move furniture and household items for staging purposes.

GET SMART Workshop

RSVP Required / No Fee

Natural CMAs (1.5 hr.)

Ideal Audience: New Licensees

This workshop is meant for the Realtor® wanting to develop a solid methodology for establishing CMA pricing where the Subject Property conforms to “Like” properties in traditional neighborhoods.

Tools needed for the Workshop: Laptop Computer (tablet and phone will not work well) Access to Local MLS via office or personal Hot Spot or WIFI network.

Grow your Business like a Boss - Business Planning for Realtors (1.5 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

Most Realtors get into Real Estate because of the unlimited financial potential and 85% leave within the 1st year. Why? They have no plan.

This Workshop is intended for ALL Agents without a written business plan. If you have no mission statement or goals or if you don’t know how to get from point A to point B in your Real Estate Career, then you need a Business Plan.

Agents will walk away knowing how many listings they need to close in order to achieve their desired GCI,  provided excel spreadsheet pre-loaded with industry numbers to help you understand what to expect for business expenses. You will formulate goals and action plans so that you can prioritize your daily activities so that you achieve your goals and stay focused and on target.  

Tools needed for the class: Laptop Computer and ability to use Excel, previous Year’s production records and personal household expenses. 

Getting Started With RPR (3 hr.)

Ideal Audience: All Licensees

Learn to grow and brand your business by tapping into one of the most innovative, all-encompassing and comprehensive property data platforms available today.