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Regional Order Center

The goal of the Regional Order Center ("ROC") is to provide customers with a centralized location for placing title orders throughout the country. This process streamlines the ordering of titles by removing the task of finding an unknown title office in an area where the customer may do less business. The ROC also assists customers in obtaining state or county specific laws and rates, which allows the process to run more smoothly and with less confusion.

The Process:

  1. The customer submits an order to the ROC, typically by fax or email.
  2. The order is entered into our database and then placed with a Stewart affiliated office in the appropriate county. If Stewart Title does not underwrite for a title office in a particular county we will place the order with another title company.
  3. Once the order is placed, a confirmation is sent to the customer. The confirmation provides contact information for the title office handling the order as well as the order number. This allows the customer to contact the title office with any questions or changes.
  4. The ROC follows up on the title orders and confirms that a copy of the title commitment is provided to the customer. Typically the title reports are faxed or emailed.
  5. Once the title commitment has been provided to the customer the order is closed in our system.
  6. For additional questions regarding exceptions, supplemental reports, copies of documents and final policies the customer should contact the title office directly

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