Commercial Division

Office Leadership

Name Contact
David R. Shanks Vice President
CS Operations Manager
Stewart Title Guaranty Company Office: (813) 466-3853

Business Development

Name Contact


Name Contact
Jeff Franklin Title Operations Manager Office: (813) 739-6541
Byron Rogers Commercial Services Examiner Office: (850) 536-8082
Phil Stoddard Commercial Services Examiner Office: (904) 460-5746
Guy Thomas Commercial Services Examiner Office: (850) 562-2517
Martin Brown Commercial Services Examiner Office: (813) 804-4688

Escrow, Closing and Title

Name Contact
Janice Coulton Commercial Title and Escrow Officer Office: (813) 354-6382
Melanie Johnson Commercial Title and Escrow Officer Office: (813) 466-3851
Kerri Nesbit Commercial Title and Escrow Officer Office: (813) 466-3845
Brandi Hinkle Commercial Processor Office: (813) 480-1683
Lauren Pelella Commercial Services Closing Coordinator Office: (813) 804-4801
Daylene Huff Commercial Escrow Officer Office: (813) 371-6681
Lesley Randall Commercial Processor Office: (813) 371-6678

Order Entry and Administrative Support

Name Contact
Elizabeth Hannaman Administrative Assistant Office: (813) 739-6550