Serving the Greater Area of
DC, Maryland and Virginia


At Stewart Title Group, we pride ourselves on the premier customer service we strive to deliver every day. We want to highlight one of the ways that we provide that service to Homebuyers in their purchase experience: lowering their title insurance expense.

You may already know that when the seller provides their title insurance policy, Stewart Title Group gives a 40% discount to the purchasers on the cost of their title insurance policy. But what you may not know is that Stewart Title Group affirmatively asks for the seller’s title insurance policy when we receive a contract, as a matter of course. Beyond saving the Homebuyer money, obtaining the seller’s title policy often gives us advance notice of any title issues that need to be resolved prior to settlement.

Pro-actively securing title insurance discounts for Homebuyers is just one of the ways Stewart Title Group delivers Premier Service for our customers every day.