Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

1. How do I listen to Continuing Education webinars for CLE Credit?

Answer: For webinars beginning in 2020, participants must provide first & last names and e-mail address in the registration form and select “Register”.

New webinars will continue to be released the 3rd Thursday of each month and can be accessed via New Webinar under TIPS Online Courses & Materials.

For webinars recorded prior to 2020, be sure to download the podcast using Chrome or Firefox – other browsers won’t download the entire podcast and follow the instructions provided at the end of the presentation.

Current courses can be accessed via Current Courses under TIPS Online Courses & Materials.

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2. When Can I Use the New Fillable Credit Request Form?

Webinars beginning 2020
At the end of each recording, once you close the window, you will be directed to the Credit Request Form.

Webinars Recorded March 2019 – December 2019
A link for the Credit Request Form is in the notes of the podcast page.

Webinars Recorded prior to March 2019
Participants will follow the instructions provided at the end of each webinar and e-mail their requests to

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3. When can I expect my MCLE Credit to be issued?

Answer: Within 30 calendar days, however, we will make a reasonable effort to complete requests sooner. Per the State Bar: CLE sponsors are not responsible for meeting individual attorney reporting deadlines.

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4. What information do I need to submit to receive a CLE Credit?

Answer: To be eligible for CLE Credit you are required to provide us with:
            Participant Name as it appears on your State Bar license;
            Final Password given at the end of the webinar by the presenter;
            Texas State Bar License Number
            Affiliation with Stewart Title

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5. What if I am requesting both CLE and CE Credit?

Answer: If you are an attorney and an Escrow Officer requesting both CLE and CE Credit, then you must fill out both the CLE and CE sections of the Credit Request form or provide required information for both CE and CLE in your e-mailed request.

Please visit our CE FAQs for additional information.

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6. How many Ethics credits are required at the time of renewal?

Answer: Please see the Texas State Bar website for that information – see State Bar of Texas Definition of MCLE Credit

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7. Am I allowed to carryover extra hours to the next State Bar License renewal period?

Answer: Please see the Texas State Bar website for that information – see section 6. Minimum Educational Requirements (E)

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8. What should I do if the audio cuts off before I am able to hear the password?

Answer: All podcasts recorded prior to January 2020 must be listened to using only Google Chrome or Firefox. The entirety of the podcast will not properly download with other browsers.

We are not able to issue credit to any requests missing the final password.

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9. Can I send a copy of my State Bar License to provide some of the required information, or can I attach a document including all the webinars I listened to?

Answer: No. Participants will now be directed to a fillable form to be completed and submitted directly to the credit request processor. Attachments cannot be added to the form.

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10. How many times may I take each webinar for credit?

Answer: Once.

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