Agency Protection Plus™

Increased protection for Stewart Trusted Providers without an increase in price

We understand the challenges you face as a title agency. More importantly, we understand the best ways to provide the protection you need to ensure the future of your business – in one convenient, customizable package, Agency Protection Plus™.

Our unique approach to working with customers is all about building a long-term relationship by working with you in the true spirit of partnership. We get to know the specifics of your business and your insurance needs so we can provide valuable guidance and insight to help make the complicated process of insuring your business a simple one – and the coverage to protect it for years to come.

One of our top-tier associates will start the process of working with you by having an in-depth conversation about the current state of your business and your potential future needs to get a clear idea of the coverages they’ll need to investigate. Then, our team will go through a number of scenarios and potential coverage options with various highly rated insurance carriers to ensure that you’re getting the best possible protection at a price that makes sense for you.

We can help you with:

  • Errors and Omissions - We can match you with the right coverage to protect against mistakes and/or omissions that threaten your business
  • Escrow Security Bond – Get the protection you need to protect yourself from dishonest employees
  • Cyber Insurance – Your records contain a great deal of your clients’ personal information; cyber insurance provides you with coverage should someone steal your customers’ identities using information gained from your company
  • Surety Bonds – We can meet your surety bond needs in all 50 states
  • General Liability – We use our insight into your business to take what is the basic coverage your business needs to operate and provide solutions that are customized to the specific needs of your business and the real estate industry
  • Workers’ Compensation – Workers’ compensation provides benefits to your employees and protects you and your business from litigation in the event that an employee is injured during employment
  • Commercial Property – Get covered for business property loss or damage
  • Commercial Auto – If you or your employees use work vehicles to carry out daily business operations, this protects your work vehicles and your liability not covered by a personal auto policy
  • Home Warranty – We make it incredibly easy for you to offer your clients a comprehensive Stewart Home Warranty, powered by Home Warranty of America™, plan that covers their systems and built-in appliances for one low annual fee
  • Natural Hazard Disclosures – When you need to provide natural hazard information to your buyers, we deliver exceptionally fast, surprisingly affordable, complete records online via Stewart Natural Hazard Disclosures, powered by Disclosure Save

Discover a new and better way to get the protection your business needs. Request a quote, email us at or call (866) 845-4676.

Agency Protection Plus Application

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