Escrow Security Bonds

Independent agencies will benefit greatly from obtaining ESB through the program set up by Stewart Insurance and Risk Management.

  • $500,000 coverage for employee dishonesty and fraud – Provides better coverage for independent agency’s net worth
  • Covers funds not yet in possession of the Insured – This bond covers losses even if funds are diverted before ever reaching the independent agency accounts
  • Covers premiums paid for title policies by the Insured – In the event premiums for Stewart are stolen, this bond covers the independent agency so they don’t have to set aside more money for those premiums
  • Provides coverage for theft – Employee Dishonesty expanded to include “Theft” which is an easier standard of proof to establish than Employee Dishonesty
  • Preferred discounted pricing – Stewart provides the lowest cost option to meet the newly implemented ESB policy
  • Issued within 24 hours – Streamlined online process allows for efficient information collection and quick policy delivery (e.g., it does not take long to fill out the application and be accepted – 5-10 minutes)
  • Pay by installment plan – Unlike traditional bonds, this option allows you to pay over time versus paying the full balance upon enrollment

Please note, the above are general descriptions of coverage. Policy terms, conditions and exclusions may limit or take away some of the coverage mentioned above. To get started or for more information, please contact your ASM or Stewart Insurance and Risk Management at or (866) 845-4676.

Having purchased the Escrow Security Bond (ESB) from Stewart gives me peace of mind knowing I have coverage that protects client funds as well as the financial stability of my firm. I know how quickly a cyber-thief can steal funds and it helps me sleep at night knowing I have the ESB in place. It lets lenders know that I am taking all the steps necessary to protect them and their customers.

Mike Heaney
Heaney & Small, LLP