Commercial Services Underwriters

Our experienced team of Stewart Title Commercial Services underwriters offers the valuable guidance and local market expertise to handle your most complex transactions – and resolve your most complicated title issues. 

Name Office Contact
Don A. Wade Associate General Counsel
Senior Underwriter
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Atlanta dwade@stewart.com Office: (770) 395-5505
John Spencer Associate Senior Underwriter Atlanta john.spencer@stewart.com Office: (470) 553-0447
Toll Free: (800) 551-3046
Simon Smith Jr. Vice President, Commercial Services Operations Manager and Associate Senior Underwriter Baltimore sismith@stewart.com Office: (443) 220-0001 x15
Cornelia Koetter Underwriter Baltimore cornelia.koetter@stewart.com Office: (443) 662-3354
Pamela Raymond Underwriter Baltimore pamela.raymond@stewart.com Office: (410) 622-3357
Gayle Bourdeau Vice President/ Senior Underwriter Boston gbourdea@stewart.com Office: (617) 933-2434
Toll Free: (800) 628-2988
Annette Comer Vice President / Senior Underwriter Boston annette.comer@stewart.com Office: (617) 933-2441
Toll Free: (800) 628-2988
Andrew Turbide Vice President - Commercial Services Manager, Senior Underwriter Boston aturbide@stewart.com Office: (617) 933-2421
Toll Free: (800) 628-2988
Elizabeth Harrington Associate Senior Underwriter Boston eharrington@stewart.com Office: (617) 933-2448
Toll Free: (800) 628-2988
Jeff A Dahlen Vice President / Underwriter / Regional Manager Midwest Region Midwest, Chicago jdahlen@stewart.com Office: (312) 849-4339
Toll Free: (800) 261-9800
George Kintz Underwriter Chicago george.kintz@stewart.com Office: (312) 368-5270
James Shaw Underwriter Chicago jshaw@stewart.com Office: (312) 368-5277
Toll Free: (800) 261-9800
Evelyn Durant Assistant Vice President, Senior Underwriter, Stewart Title Guaranty Company; Administrative Counsel, Stewart Title Commercial Services Cornersville, TN edurant@stewart.com Office: (931) 293-2143
Bruce Caldwell Senior Underwriter Dallas bruce.caldwell@stewart.com Office: (214) 413-1828
Louis Canaras Vice President / Senior Underwriter / Production Manager - Stewart Title Guaranty Company Houston lcanaras@stewart.com Office: (713) 625-8152
Toll Free: (800) 729-1900
Tom Thompson Senior Vice President / Senior Underwriter - Stewart Title Guaranty Company Los Angeles tthompso@stewart.com Office: (800) 423-7834
Gary Cortellessa Senior Vice President/Regional Manager Mid-Atlantic Region Mid-Atlantic gcortellessa@stewart.com Office: (202) 753-3851
Christopher Lawrence Senior Vice President / Senior Underwriter, Northeast Regional Manager Boston clawrence@stewart.com Office: (646) 787-2625
Toll Free: (888) 398-0555
Stefanie Lally-Ardrey Vice President / Senior Underwriter - Stewart Title Guaranty Company New York Metro stefanie.lally-ardrey@stewart.com Office: (646) 787-2617
Jeremy Poetker Senior Underwriter New York Metro jeremy.poetker@stewart.com Office: (646) 787-2585
Laura Curley Assistant Vice President / Associate Senior Underwriter New York, NY lcurley@stewart.com Office: (646) 787-2618
Rich Blumenthal Senior Vice President / Senior Underwriter / Stewart Title Guaranty Company San Francisco rblument@stewart.com Office: (415) 403-9080 x14
Toll Free: (800) 366-7839
Shawn Elpel Senior Vice President / Senior Underwriter Seattle shawn.elpel@stewart.com Office: (206) 770-8821
Marion Aaron V.P., Operations Manager, Commercial Services Manager, Associate Senior Underwriter San Francisco marion.aaron@stewart.com Office: (415) 403-9013
Jeremy Reed Vice President, Sr. Escrow Officer, Assoc. Sr. Underwriter Dallas, TX jeremy.reed@stewart.com Office: (214) 413-1812
Drex Baker Vice President, Underwriter, Commercial Services Unit Supervisor Fort Worth, TX dbaker@stewart.com Office: (682) 707-3733
David G. Call Vice President
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
New York Metro david.call@stewart.com Office: (646) 787-2506
Thomas (Tom) A. Wilson Underwriter
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Charlotte, NC tom.wilson@stewart.com Office: (704) 401-2015
Alexandra E. Hirn Underwriter
Stewart Title Insurance Company
New York Metro ahirn@stewart.com Office: (646) 559-7028
Andrea Levine Senior Underwriter
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Vice President
Senior Underwriter
Stewart Title Insurance Company
New York Metro andrea.levine@stewart.com Office: (646) 525-3516