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CSC eRecording: The Simple Solution to Fast-Tracking Your Document Recording Process

In today’s industry, your business needs services that are speedy, convenient and that help you get your deals done with ease. As a Stewart Trusted Provider™ (STP), you can count on Stewart Title Agency Services to ensure you have access to such services like CSC eRecording.

CSC provides fast processing speeds, comprehensive electronic, ease of workflow, substantial cost and time savings and a host of other features:

  • CSC eRecord offers industry-leading tools for processing document images, data, communication, and package transmission.
  • CSC seamlessly integrates with AIM+, ResWare, and more
  • CSC is SOC II–audited, secure, and accessible from anywhere
  • CSC’s secure web-based eRecording network spans covers 44 states and 80% of the U.S. population
  • CSC is the only direct provider of both eRecording and paper recording supporting 100% county coverage and reaching counties that don’t yet accept electronic documents

What’s more, as a STP you get preferential pricing on CSC eRecording services.

For additional questions or information about our partnership with CSC eRecording, contact us at 1.866.652.0111 or visit

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