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Stewart Trusted Provider Seal Downloads

Adding the Seals to Your Website

The instructions below illustrate the necessary steps using a common text editor tool, such as StewartSitebuilder. However, the text editor your content management systems uses may be slightly different.

Watch a short video on how to add the Stewart Trusted Provider seal to your website.

Using a WYSIWYG text editor

  1. Right click the image (below) and select "Save picture as" to save it to your computer
  2. Upload the image to your website.
  3. Identify the location you want to install the seal onto your website (the page name). Go to that page in your content management system.
  4. Using the text editor, click on the "Insert Image" icon.
  5. Provide the path where your image is located on your website. Click "Insert".
  6. When you see the image in your page select it by clicking on it. Once Selected, click the "Insert Link" icon to make the image clickable.
  7. In URL field put Click"Insert".
  8. Save the page.
  9. Open the page you just edited in your web browser to see if the appearance of the new seal is satisfactory.

Adding the seal to your email signature

Download the Files

Below are three sizes of the Stewart Trusted Provider seal. They are wach available with black lettering and white lettering - use the black lettering if the seal will appear over a white or light-colored background or the white lettering if the seal will appear over a black or dark-colored background.

  1. Click on the button for the file you want to download
  2. It will open in a new tab
  3. Right-click on the image and select Save Image as...




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