Digital Funds Transfer Mobile App – ZOCCAM

ZOCCAM Streamlines the Closing Process

ZOCCAM® provides a simple, more secure way to handle earnest money and contract delivery. The mobile deposit feature reduces liability by eliminating manual deposits and allowing users to send earnest money anytime, from anywhere.

ZOCCAM sends real-time email notifications to all parties upon deposit, keeping the title company branding top of mind. And orders can be opened at a much faster pace.

ZOCCAM is the simple, secure and safe way to create smooth closings.

Instant gratification benefits:

  • Take manual delivery, deposit and document management out of your closing process
  • Reduce risk and transaction time while increasing security and transparency
  • Create trust in the transaction by authenticating the borrower’s identification

Our smooth closing offerings:

  • Earnest money deposits
  • Wiring instructions
  • ID check
  • Closing funds
  • Real-time notifications

Partnership benefits:

Stewart agents will receive a 25% discount of the initial onboarding fee when choosing ZOCCAM.

Don’t wait to give your business a competitive advantage. Sign up for ZOCCAM now by emailing and stating that you are a Stewart Agent.

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