Security Cameras and Your Open House | REALTOR® Safety

Looking towards REALTOR® Safety Month in September, we sat down with Carl Carter Jr. of the Beverly Carter Foundation to discuss real estate safety tips. This week, we’re focusing on what to look for in a security camera for your client’s open house.

Choosing a Security Camera | Safety Before the Open House Series

Criminals want the path of least resistance and knowing that there is video surveillance in place can be a great deterrent. There are a few features that we suggest you look for in a security camera. First is to ensure that it has cloud-based capabilities so you can access the video footage later. This isn’t just from a safety and security standpoint. You can also monitor your performance during that open house, work on your personal scripting and personal marketing, so you can fine tune your sales skills. Second, look for features that offer two-way communication. If you are working alone at the open house, it’s essential someone can check in with you verbally over that camera. Having clients and prospective buyers know that someone is aware of your whereabouts and the activity within that open house is a key step to securing your safety. Third, make note of any blind spots that your cameras cannot cover. Be sure to avoid those areas when alone with clients or prospective buyers. You want to ensure that your presence is always visible should something happen. There are many ways to approach an open house and real estate safety. For other real estate agent/REALTOR® safety tips, check out these links: