Social Media Privacy and Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents | REALTOR® Safety

In honor of REALTOR® Safety Month, we sat down with Carl Carter Jr. of the Beverly Carter Foundation to discuss real estate safety tips. This week, we’re focusing on how real estate professionals can protect their personal information while promoting your business on social media.

Protecting Personal Information on Social Media

Social media is key to building your real estate business. While showing your daily life can make you a friendly face for prospective clients, keeping certain elements of your profile private is essential to ensure you stay safe from followers with bad intentions. Here are three things to keep in mind as you build your social media content strategy:

Build Your Brand Safely

Keep in mind who may visit your profile and what their intentions might be. Not all followers are prospective clients, so be sure to keep cyberstalking risks in mind as you build your account. Since professional accounts are usually public, you need to make sure your content is safe for anyone to see.

Be Careful of What You Share

Refrain from showing expensive jewelry or designer products in your posts. You do not want to create the perception that you have valuables worth stealing. Additionally, avoid showing your daily routine or details about when you will be away from home/the office. This makes sure criminals cannot anticipate your location and be ready to do harm. This idea extends to your friends and family. Avoid showing photos of your children or other loved ones so they remain private.

Social Media Privacy

Avoid sharing personal details like your personal phone number. Also, be sure to review your social media privacy settings and keep your passwords secure. Following these basic steps will help you stay safe while building and promoting your brand on social media. Interested in learning more about real estate safety? For other real estate agent/REALTOR® safety tips, check out these links: