Committed to Serving National Agents' Needs

Underwriting Solutions for Multi-State Title Agencies

Stewart’s National Agent Support Team “NAST” is here to support the needs of our multi-state agents across the country. Our dedicated team is designed to help our agents with growth that will allow them to be more competitive in the marketplace and provide a single point of contact for a variety of support services. Our team provides a variety of services, including national licensing support and guidance, hands-on audit support and dedicated centralized national underwriting support for residential and commercial transactions.

Scott Gillen

Sr. Vice President, National Agents

We focus on helping our national agents grow and be successful. We help find investment opportunities, recruit the best people and keep pace with industry changes.

Our Title Agent Solutions

Our belief is that title insurance underwriting services are of little value if the leadership you need is not accessible when it counts. That’s why, when you partner with Stewart, you’ll find our underwriters not only respond when you have questions, but also offer solutions so that your real estate transaction can keep moving ahead.

Responsive Underwriting

Accessible expertise from underwriters ready and able to handle any complex issues you face with your transactions.

Business Solutions

Front and back office tools and services designed by people who understand your business to help you more efficiently run your business.

Education and Training

Access a continuously growing catalogue of educational and training courses that will help your business succeed.

Marketing Support

Resources developed by sales and marketing professionals enabling you to attract prospects, increase wallet share and grow your business.

Technology Offerings

Gain access to the technology you need to conduct transactions and grow your business.

Title Insurance Resources

Resources to enable agents to issue policies and obtain underwriting guidance 24/7 to keep your transactions moving.

Committed to Your Success

Stewart is committed to helping agencies like yours grow. That’s true no matter how unpredictable the real estate market may be. Over the past three years we've invested significantly in acquisitions, tools, talent and technology that supports growth. We’re driven to be the premier underwriter for agents. We’re moving full speed ahead to create a better experience for you and your customers. Watch our video to learn more about what having Stewart as your underwriter can lead to for you.

Become an Agent

Interested in becoming a Stewart Trusted Provider? Learn more about our network and how to partner with us.

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