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Underwriting Alert NYSA000439 Distributed 28/12/2022
UNDERWRITING ALERT: Cott Systems: Cattaraugus, Clinton, Onondaga, Rockland, and Schuyler Counties, NY

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Underwriting Bulletin NY000679 Distributed 29/12/2022
UNDERWRITING- Various NY Counties Employing Cott Systems Inc.

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Underwriting Bulletin NY000680 Distributed 4/1/2023
Title Alerts and Underwriting Bulletins 2023 Reminder

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Underwriting Bulletin NY000681 Distributed 12/1/2023
UNDERWRITING- Payoff Check Theft

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Underwriting Bulletin NY000682 Distributed 18/1/2023
UNDERWRITING- Prepayment of Transfer Tax

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Underwriting Alert NYSA000440 Distributed 19/1/2023
4 Lolly Lane, Centereach, NY; Suffolk County

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Underwriting Bulletin NY000683 Distributed 25/1/2023

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Underwriting Alert NYSA000441 Distributed 25/1/2023
3410 Ropes Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475; Bronx County, Block 5653, Lot 5

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Underwriting Alert NYSA000442 Distributed 25/1/2023
Gotham Street, Watertown, NY; Jefferson County

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Underwriting Alert NYSA000443 Distributed 26/1/2023
Trevor Milton; Wasatch Ranches LLC; 169 Hudson Street, Unit PH7/8N, NY; New York County

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