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Stewart Companies and Brands

Since our founding, Stewart has grown into a large network of real estate services companies that serve the needs of Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Real Estate Lenders, Home Buyers and Sellers, Title Agencies, and Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

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Through our family of companies, we’re ready to help you achieve more.

Meet Our Companies and Brands

Since our founding in 1893, Stewart has consistently worked to grow our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Doing so has enabled us to become more than just a title company; it has allowed us to become your trusted partner for real estate services. Through our family of companies, we’re ready to help you achieve more.

Stewart Title

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Stewart Title offers underwriting services through Stewart Title Guaranty Company (STGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corporation. STGC provides personnel and underwriting support for Stewart Title’s land title business. And as one of the nation's largest insurance underwriting companies with more than 7,500 issuing offices and agencies, Stewart has the financial resources to safeguard your most complex residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Stewart Title Insurance Company (STIC)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, STIC is a full-service state-of-the-art title insurance underwriter providing title insurance and title related services for all types of residential and commercial transactions in New York state. Stewart Title Insurance Company issues its title policies through over 500 issuing agents as well as over 30 title, escrow and abstracting offices dedicated to serving individuals, businesses, attorneys, developers, lenders and real estate agents in all counties of New York state.

Stewart Insurance

Stewart Insurance offers a variety of personal and commercial insurance products, including hazard disclosures, E&O coverage, bonds, home warranty, vacant home insurance and more.

Stewart Lender Services

Stewart Lender Services provides nationwide centralized origination title, default title, REO asset solutions and collateral valuations for mortgage and home equity lenders. Our acquisitions of US Appraisals and Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence broaden our offerings for a comprehensive level of service. 

United States Appraisals

For more than a decade, United States Appraisals has provided inventive residential management solutions and a commitment to developing personal relationships that enhance both the client and appraiser experience. Their national appraisal expertise and powerful technology, which includes the Valuguard Home Inspection mobile application, is a strong addition to our Lending division.

Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence

With more than 40 years of residential real estate experience, Pro Teck is a leader in property valuation services, including their proprietary technology Valuation Intelligence™, a cloud-based fulfillment platform that provides the best residential real estate values and market information, as well as a SaaS solution to enable lenders to directly manage the appraisal process in-house.

Asset Preservation

Established in 1990, Asset Preservation, Inc. (API), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Company, is a recognized national leader in the Qualified Intermediary industry, having successfully completed over 140,000 IRC Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges.


Founded by industry experts in 2016, Cloudvirga is a customer engagement and digital origination platform that powers lenders, originators and brokers while also automating back office tasks. Several of the largest lenders in the country rely on Cloudvirga as their digital front-end solution.


NotaryCam has developed a reputation for delivering a secure and efficient notarization and eClosing experience for consumers around the world. NotaryCam’s commitment to superior service, security and customized solutions, combined with Stewart’s ability to deliver best-in-class digital solutions, creates a superior customer experience.

Signature Closers, LLC

Signature Closers provides full and self-service signing support for title companies and lenders via their vetted and compliant eNotary-capable network of notary signing agents and attorneys along with a proprietary internal solution. The SYNC (Secure Your Notary Closer) platform provides a robust, configurable, transparent, and cost-effective means for companies looking to automate and manage signings in-house.

A.S.K. Services

A.S.K. Services is a premier provider of search and support services to the title industry, currently operating in five states and 312 counties. A.S.K. Services’ infrastructure and skills strengthens our title production resources for independent agency partners.