Title Insurance Underwriting Services

Agency Logins

  • Guidance on FinCEN Geographic Targeting Orders (GTO)

    Login to read the full bulletin about the FinCen requirements.

  • Insured Closing Letters (ICL)

    Access the ICL system to create and print insured closing letters and closing protection letters. 

  • Title Policy Jackets via STEPS

    Create and report electronic policy jackets and electronically report title policies via STEPS.

  • Virtual Underwriter®

    Get 24/7 access to the information you need to close a transaction with Stewart’s online national underwriting reference system, Virtual Underwriter. You can access an assortment of useful information such as forms, bulletins, endorsement guidelines, business practices and more. Best of all, since you won’t have to waste time searching through volumes of reference materials, you’ll improve your efficiencies.

  • Stewart Marketing

    Stewartmarketing.com offers an extensive selection of ready-to-use marketing materials and services to help you grow your business and attract the right clientele.

  • Stewart Preferred

    Offered by major national vendors, the Stewart Preferred program helps you reduce expenses by taking advantage of the combined buying power of Stewart and our network of Stewart policy-issuing offices. Stewart Preferred is available to you through your association with Stewart at no additional cost. You can receive nationally discounted prices on a variety of products and services, such as:

    • Office equipment and supplies
    • Shipping
    • Car rentals
    • Document destruction
    • Wireless services
    • Pre-hire and employee background searches
    • And so much more
  • Stewart Trusted Provider Policy Template Library

    Expedite your path toward regulatory compliance utilizing various business policy templates from the Stewart Trusted Provider Policy Template Library. Each template (easily modified for your specific needs) was designed by Stewart’s team of experts in the area covered to use common, easy-to-understand language to help get your agency on a path to safety, security and compliance.