SureClose® for Title Agencies

Get rid of the mess – go paperless! SureClose® transaction-management and document-storage system assists title agencies in eliminating paper from transactions. That makes it easier to help the environment, streamline operations and reduce costs.

Move your business forward by moving it online.

SureClose is an online system that enables all parties in the transaction to add, share, view and collaborate online, thereby allowing agencies to provide a better customer experience. It allows title agencies to improve their internal processes and enables buyers, sellers, real estate professionals and lenders to access transaction information 24/7, both online and via a free mobile app for Apple® and Android™ devices.


  • Secure, password-protected website
  • Online environment available 24/7, anywhere Internet access is available
  • Real-time monitoring of the transaction
  • Document management – includes the sharing, approving and archiving of documents
  • Streamlined communication – allows all parties to post and receive messages
  • Online document storage for a minimum of seven years after the transaction
  • Ability to set permissions so buyers and sellers only see documents specific to them


  • Time savings – puts an end to time-consuming status tracking and phone calls
  • Business differentiation that sets you apart from your competition
  • Improved customer service – gives customers access to transaction information online
  • Lower costs– reduces need for courier, overnight mail and paper
  • Extension of your office beyond brick and mortar, thanks to mobile technologies
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