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Underwriting Bulletin NY000704 Distributed 1/25/2024
Town of Chatham Transfer Tax - Effective 2/1/2024
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000469 Distributed 1/29/2024
Materassi Legal, P.C., et. Al.
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000705 Distributed 2/5/2024
Title Insurance Rate Service Association, Inc. AGENT Data Call 2023
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000470 Distributed 2/9/2024
212 Morris Avenue, Malvern, NY 11565; Nassau County
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000471 Distributed 2/14/2024
142 Westside Drive, Ballston Lake, New York; Saratoga County
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000472 Distributed 3/15/2024
197-12 111th Avenue, St. Albans, NY; Queens County Block 10955, Lot 6
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000473 Distributed 3/19/2024
35 Pinedale Ave, Farmingville, NY 11738; Suffolk County
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000474 Distributed 3/28/2024
230 West 56th Street, Condominium Unit 58D, New York, NY, et al.
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000706 Distributed 4/19/2024
US Department of Treasury: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) - Geographic Targeting Order
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