The Strange Case of Frankenstein's Castle

The Strange Case of Frankentsein's Castle

We would like to tell you one of the weirdest title and escrow tales in Stewart’s history. It may thrill you. (Possibly.) It may even horrify you. (Unlikely.) And if you find yourself quivering beneath the covers, well…check your thermostat setting.

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While Stewart is famed for tracing down title transactions across many states and even many nations, we’ve never seen anything quite like the case that arrived recently at our Magical Lands Title Association division. Below you can see the initial email from the listing agent to MaLTA:
Email from Erik Leroux to Marty Bishop

This led to a series of text messages between Marty Bishop, Erik Leroux and the client, Marie Monstre. Here’s a screen capture of that conversation.

Text messages between Marie, Erik and Marty

That same day, Marie forwarded a letter from an obscure Swiss lawyer to Marty. The message was stark, as you can see.

Letter from Igor’s lawyer

Since Igor claimed adverse possession as his claim to ownership, a trial was held to determine rightful title. Igor was unable to say anything much beyond, “My land. My castle.” He produced no documentation of any kind that the castle was his – not even a tax receipt. No witnesses appeared to corroborate that Igor ever occupied the property. The judge, who had little patience for these shenanigans, dismissed the suit at once and ordered Igor to buy some body wash.

Back at Stewart, Chief Underwriter Jutta Deeney had made an important determination. Before the sale of Frankenstein’s castle could proceed, there was a nightmarish tangle to unravel. All the descendants of the people whose body parts were used in the creation of Frank Monstre (a.k.a. Frankenstein's Monster) needed to be located and agree to sign over any rights to he property, as Jutta explains in the email below.
Email to cemetery caretaker for assistance tracking down body parts
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Email from Marty to Erik, Marie and genealogist tracking down body parts donors

If tracking down all these components sounds complicated, it was. We won’t go into all the details of gruesome things like a lost foot or eyes of two different colors. Simply put, after obtaining permission from more than 600 donors spanning almost three centuries and all seven continents (what do you suppose was kept in the deep freeze of Antarctica?), the impossible was done.
Email from Marty to Erik confirming closing

Fast forward to the present day. Whatever became of these motley characters?

Marie Monstre is living happily in her London flat. Erik Leroux continues his Paris real estate practice and would particularly like to represent promising sopranos. Count Al Ucard is openly seeking donations to his cause, which is apparently a private blood bank. And Igor Courbe is operating a food truck somewhere on a beach in the south of France. His specialty is tortas de pollo.

See the Frankenstein’s Castle Title Policy

Stewart’s Documentary on Frankenstein’s Castle

We have created a short documentary about this bizarre saga, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of the parties involved.

YouTube video player

YouTube video player

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