901145471 STC - Marketsite Call Outs

Manual page list of marketsite call outs. Copy has been edited down considerably to keep teasers a more consistent (height). Teaser list will be the height of the teaser with the most characters, so good to have them approximately at the same character count. Here, the career teaser has the most with 118 characters and it's still a bit long:

Current Market Call Outs

All Previous Call Outs = One Sentence & Under 100 Characters (including spaces)
Example - CertiID = 97 Characters


Manual Call Out List

Configuring with this option creates a list from specific pages/urls referenced. This is how the market call outs were configured originally upon the market site rebuild.

Example: Naples Landing Page

Benefit: Since it's a teaser list (grouped), the formatting is consistent in height and centered as a group in the space provided.

Limitations: Along with the formatting, all call outs share one CTA (they all will read the same) and updates are a manual process to update the url links.


Search Root + Inclusion Criteria

Configuring with this option gives you the ability to pull in the most recently published pages from a specific root directory and/or inclusion criteria (tag).

Example: See Home Buyer and Seller Corner page section in Home Buyers and Sellers > Tools and Rsources, or Insights

Benefit: Automatically updates with new content: will change automatically upon publishing new content in the chronology in which they are published.

Limitations: More difficult to bring in a mix from different directories throuhgout the website since it's a search-driven result.



Hybrid of search parameter teaser used with manually added links. Added as individual page teaser list components grouped by a generic list component.

Example: Title Tenets > Live Webinars

Benefits: Allows independent change to teasers: manual & search mix, can change CTA for each, omit/display date, etc.

Linitations: No consistent height - dictated by amount of content. Width is thinner than a sigle teaser list component with all manual entries or when all sourced witha search criteria. Formatting is a bit different from manual or search - more narrow width on each, but occupates the same amount of space collectively as the manual list. This is because there are several components grouped by a generic list. This also makes it so that they display left justified - can not center in the space.

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