Home Equity Solutions

Comprehensive Support, At Your Service

In today’s dynamic lending environment, home equity originators need a partner who can provide guidance on the latest industry trends and who can offer a single source for solutions that reduce application cycle time and enable sustained growth. Our diverse product offering of search and title options, plus our valuation and appraisal solutions, will increase conversion rates and lower your cost of origination. Stewart can handle the title, curative, borrower outreach, scheduling, recording and disbursement with convenient settlement options for HELOC and Home Equity Loans.

Our offerings include:

Home Appraisal

Single source appraisals are essential to your asset valuation process. Not only is the process simple and streamlined, but you will be working with a leading provider of valuation services with proven results. Our staff appraiser panel is positioned in strategic markets to meet lender geographic footprint needs. Stewart's customizable process combines advanced technology with a dedicated, friendly and helpful support team to manage each step of the process and provide a premium customer experience.

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Signing the Loan

Improve the customer experience and save time and money by partnering with Stewart to coordinate your loan closings with your borrowers. You can track the status of your loan throughout the loan origination process to ensure it closes in a timely manner. You can easily find critical documents uploaded for your review and retention needs. Our proactive alerts will notify you if an issue arise, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Depending on the availability in your area, we offer a variety of closing types that are either completed remotely or in person. Click down below to learn more about our digital closing offerings down below.

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